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Kebab Burner

MFB-22A-L Kebab burner (Metal Fiber Mat infrared burner)

Our MFB-22A-L Kebab burner is a metal fiber mat burner produced by MFBurners Heat. It can be applied to Doner kebab machine, Shawarma Grills, and other applications, is more durable than ceramic plate materials burner.

Our burner of life is about 20,000 hours, compared to a Ceramic Burner for use longer, more cost-effective in the long run.

The MFB-22A-L infrared gas burners are specially designed for Kebab machine,Doner kebab machine, shawarma grill machine and BBQ grills.

If you want your Doner Machine to last longer, please discard the Ceramic Burner and replace it with our product, which will bring you a higher cost performance.

kebab burner

kebab burner


Technical Data

Dimensions:17 x 24 x 6cm
BTU Range:25,000 – 80,000 BTU/H (Depending on gas pressure)
Gas Type:LPG or Natural Gas
Recommended Gas Pressure:100 mbar – 1.5 bar
Burner House Material:Zincore Steel
Burner Frame:Zincore Steel
Core Construction:Drawn Steel
Cover Mesh:1000 °C Heat Resisting Alloy
Net Weight:1.2kg
Life Use Time:20000hr


  • The MFB-22A-L is a metallic surface burner
  • Its surface temperature reaches up to 980 °C
  • It never back-fires
  • It is thermal shock resistant
  • Heats up in 3 seconds and cools down to hand touch in 5 seconds
  • It consumes 20% less gas compared to ceramic burners
  • Mainly used in cooking applications as Shawarma  or Doner kebab machines or other applications

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