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What is a metal fiber

What is a metal fiber

Unlike plastic fiber and ceramic fiber, metal fiber carries superior flexibility and toughness. With appropriate surface treatment on it for superior adhesion, being able to be combined with other material, and used for variety of composite materials.
In addition, metal fiber carries proper characteristics of thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion capability and absorption capability of electro-magnetic wave etc., which is why it is expected promising to the various industrial sectors such as electronics, automotive, aviation, container and structure etc. as a part of functional composite material. We keep working on for research and development in order to provide more superior product responding to each market requirement.

Characteristics and Application for Metal Fiber


Short Fiber
(Metal Fiber)
Bulk Density
Particle Distribution through Sieve(%)Max. Length
Max. Dia.
Steel Fiber0.90~1.401 or less1~511~3016~2722~3913~36400.8
0.85~1.251 or less3~1417~3112~2225~416~29501.0
Copper Fiber1.50~2.300~1045~9010~45

metal fiber

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