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Metal Fiber burner

The “Metal fiber burner” is a new type of burner using special heat resistant metallic fiber.

The material is durable metal, but with its characteristic of fiber, this burner can be customized into any shape, such as cylindrical, conical or hemispherical, to accommodate almost any items.
Heating-up and cooling-down are both speedy, ensuring shorter operation hours and a safer environment.
Metal Fiber Burners belongs to the surface of the premixed gas, and the premixed uniform gas-air mixture flows to the burner head to be burned on the surface layer of the gas-permeable uniform metal fiber fabric.

Metal Fiber Burners Split By Product Type And Applications:

The global Metal Fiber Burners Market on the basis of Types are:

Infrared Mode Type
Blue Flame Mode Type

On the basis of Application, the Global Metal Fiber Burners Market is segmented into:


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Key Benefits of the Product

■High surface temperature: glowing starts approx. at 900 °C (In normal use at 850 °C)
■Can be heated up in a furnace: can be used inside furnaces in stable combustion conditions at approx. 800 °C
■High thermal efficiency: conversion rate to radiated heat is over 30%
■Quick response: Can respond in seconds
■High level of safety: speedy cool-down makes it safe for use in paper or fabric processing

Products and services features

■Surface load: 200 ~ 1,000kW/m² (Glowing model),
1,000 ~ 20,000kW/m² (Blue flame mode)
■Material: heat-resistant metal fiber (Fecralloy)
■Suitable surface temperature: 1,000 °C
■Appropriate air proportion: 1.0 ~ 1.1