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MFB-86 Burner

Widely used in tortilla chip ovens and many industrial ovens (ie. powder coating) requiring high heat flux density.

The MFB-86 Burner is widely used in tortilla chip ovens and many industrial ovens (powder coating) requiring high heat flux density.

The MFB-86 burner is a surface combustion gas-fired infrared burner. The premixed air and gas passes through the burner body and out through the porous emitter surface. Combustion takes place in a thin layer just above the outer surface.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance, multi-layered sintered metal
  • Fiber alloy emitter
  • High radiance at 1700°F
  • 65% IR, 35% convective energy
  • Corrosion-resistant, all stainless steel burner body
  • Very fast heating and cooling
  • Low profile, standard or high profile configurations
  • Durable performance in harsh operating conditions
  • Temperature environments (up to 800°F)
  • High heat flux density (500 btu/sq in) per unit cost
  • Fuel efficient, cost effective operation
  • Provides structural integrity with low warpage
  • Improves productivity by reducing labor cost and scrap rates
  • Mounting options above or below the conveyor



  MFB_86_burner MFB_86_burner


Key Benefits of the Product


  • High surface temperature: glowing starts approx. at 900 °C (In normal use at 850 °C)
  • Can be heated up in a furnace: can be used inside furnaces in stable combustion conditions at approx. 800 °C
  • High thermal efficiency: conversion rate to radiated heat is over 30%
  • Quick response: Can respond in seconds
  • High level of safety: speedy cool-down makes it safe for use in paper or fabric processing

Products and services features


  • Surface load: 200 ~ 1,000kW/m² (Glowing model),
    1,000 ~ 20,000kW/m² (Blue flame mode)
  • Material: heat-resistant metal fiber (Fecralloy)
  • Suitable surface temperature: 1,000 °C
  • Appropriate air proportion: 1.0 ~ 1.1